Paper accepted for the 2011 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

Our abstract with the title “Media Hash List (MHL) format improving data integrity in Digital Cinematography” has been accepted for the 2011 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition.


In Digital Cinematography complete and correct backup of source media is one of the essential activities of the file-based workflow. In order to verify the completeness and correctness of a backup at any time, this paper proposes an XML-based Media Hash List (MHL) format – containing all the necessary information needed to detect possible errors during file copy and transfer. Such errors include aborted copies, bit-errors, or changes in selection and contents of a backup. A MHL file contains a list of files, cryptographic hashes for file verification, and digital signatures for data integrity of the MHL and the media files. An additional, optional section for documentation purposes is specified as well. For a well-documented data workflow with improved integrity and simplified interchange of media files the MHL format is intended to be implemented by software for backup and media management as well as by file-based cameras and recorders.


digital cinematography; cryptographic hashes; XML signature; data management; backup; information management; trust; data integrity; file-based workflow; proposal


Topics in File-Based Workflows and Technologies