Human Readable

The Media Hash List is a human-readable XML format. Therefore, you can easily build support for MHL into your own production pipeline. At the same time, this also ensures archivability, since you can be sure this format will still be readable by future generations.

Workflow integration

MHL was designed with your existing file workflows in mind. It offers various possibilities to attach your existing scripts and tools. It integrates especially well with your existing checksum based file workflow.

The MHL tool accepts a broad range of in- and outputs, ranging from MHL Files, MD5 or SHA1 files to checksums in openssl syntax via stdin/stdout.

Therefore, it allows you to create MHL files from existing checksum files, pass on checksums from other tools to MHL and extract checksums from MHL files for use in other tools (see diagram above)

Platform Independence

The XML specification of MHL can of course be implemented on a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

The MHL tool is available for both Mac OS X, Unix, Linux and Windows. Ensure the consistency and completeness of your files even when copying your files across operating system boundaries. The MHL tools behave exactly the same no matter which platform.

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